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How frequently have I, with great difficulty, persuaded patients who were never off my doorstep to take up golf and how rarely, if ever, have I seen them in my consulting rooms again!” Dr. Alister MacKenzie

Being a Member

Willingdon welcomes applications from new members. We have a number of membership categories to suit both beginner and established golfers. We offer a full calendar of both social and competitive golf as follows.

Competitive Play


There is a competition nearly every Sunday for our male members. There is also a midweek competition at least twice a month from April to October inclusive.


Competitions are held every Tuesday for our Ladies with an alternate played on a Sunday for those who prefer to play at weekends.

Seniors Section (55 and over)

There are a large number of extra competitions available to any male aged 55 and over.


Throughout the season there is a calendar of mixed competitions. Either sign up with a partner, or we’ll find one for you.

Interclub competitions

We have a number of teams that play in the various Sussex Leagues including both Men’s and Women’s scratch teams. Plus, at Willingdon we hold competitive and friendly matches against other clubs across all sections of the Club, so there really is something for every level of player.

Willingdon Golf Club actively welcome new members with a variety of membership options, payable annually or monthly by direct debit with no joining fee.

Subscription rates
Full playing £1202
Five day (Monday-Friday) £1065
Off Peak* (conditions apply) £561
Cadet 19-25 £436
Cadet 26-30 £685
Cadet 31-35 £933
Student up to 25 £332
Junior 0-14 Free
Junior 15-18 £112
Flexible** (conditions apply) Click here for details
Flexible Limited Income*** (conditions apply)
NEW Gateway 5/7 Day Membership Offers (1st year only) - click here for details £750/£850
Country (conditions apply) £334
Overseas (conditions apply) £144
 Social £58 + VAT

*Off Peak permits play after 3.00 p.m. on any day from April to October and after 1.00p.m. from November to March.

** Flexible is designed for the occasional or fair-weather golfer where credits are deducted from your account each time you play on the course.

*** As a registered CASC, all sections of the community are welcomed and have the opportunity to become members of the club. Under this scheme you would be able to play golf 56 times a year. In keeping with our commitment to operating as a compliant CASC, any individual wishing to join the club, who is registered on a low income should contact the club Secretary for further payment details.

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