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Photos of the course

Many thanks to Luke Turner, our Course Manager, Brian Watkinson and David Commins for providing a selection of photos of our course.

One (from Brian) will, we hope, not be seen this year. Others from (Luke) give an idea of what goes on at Willingdon while most of us are still asleep. Finally, thanks to Luke and David for the photos that show Willingdon in all its glory.

Click here to look through their photos.

Past Captains Triangular Match

The Past Captains Triangular Match is played every year and the venue alternates between the three teams (Willingdon, the Royal and the Downs) contesting the trophy, which was presented by our very own John Payne. Yesterday the team from Willingdo,n playing at home, wrestled the trophy from  the  Royal  who had held it for the past two years. The team from the Downs, depleted by sickness, came third. Not featuring in the picture of our winning team are Mike Rham & Norman Beaney.