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Get Into Golf @ Willingdon Golf Club

We understand that starting a new hobby can often be tricky in terms of finding out what to do and who to see and also quite daunting. At Willingdon Golf Club our aim is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get into golf, play golf and, importantly, have fun.

Golf is a great sport and is a hobby enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Some people are die-hard golfers playing multiple times a week, others simply enjoy playing a hobby in the fresh air with friends or family. Whatever level you would like to get to, even if you would like to simply attempt striking a golf ball, then we are here to help.

Our Get Into Golf programmes, literally, give you all of the building blocks required to get you into the sport. Even if you have never picked up a club before, we can suggest an option which will take you from beginner to golfer in no time.

Below are the programmes available to you in order to get you out on the course enjoying golf...            

Get Into Golf Beginner Series

These sessions are ideal for complete beginners, for people who may have never even held a golf club before (crazy golf doesn’t count I’m afraid J).    

Our beginner sessions are group lessons for both men and ladies and are extremely relaxed and fun with the aim of teaching basic

fundamentals and also getting you onto the golf course straight away.


£20 for 4 Group Golf Lessons



Get Into Golf Improver Series

The Improver series golf lessons are the perfect way to carry on your golf learning following the beginner series. The improver series is also suitable for those who have played a small

amount of golf in the past or are returning to the game. More golf course exposure is encouraged as well as further understanding of swing skills in all areas of the game.

£45 for 5 Group Golf Lessons

Click here for a breakdown on our beginner and improver lesson breakdowns

  1 to 1 lessons  

From £15 per half hour


 How do I book onto one of the courses or book a 1 to 1 lesson?

If you like to book onto any of our lesson programmes then just call our Professional Shop and our Club Professional, Dan Gale, will book you onto any of the beginner, the improver courses or, alternatively, arrange 1 to 1 lessons. The telephone number is 01323 410984 or drop Dan a mail at You can learn a little more about Dan by checking out his website He is also on Twitter and Facebook, simply search for Dan Gale Golf.

Here are some questions we often get asked by new golfers and visitors

How much do golf clubs cost?

Like anything in life, you can pay top-end prices or budget prices and still get value for money. Although with top brands you may be looking at around £1000 for a complete set, there are lots of value alternatives. Budget brands, secondhand or ex-demo clubs, as well as discontinued clubs are always on offer and a great little starter set can be purchased for as little as £100, including a bag.  Our Professional Shop stocks a wide range of options as well as lending out clubs to people to try when they visit. Seek the advice of our Club Professional who can advise you on the many options available.

What should I wear?

Golf clubs have often been described as snobby places with rules from the middle ages. Fair? Well things aren’t quite like that. At Willingdon, we want people to feel comfortable and, although we maintain a dress code for the golf course and require certain standards in the lounge bar or dining room, it is nothing more than you would expect if you were going out to a local restaurant or similar. Trainers and casual clothing are acceptable to wear for your lessons and also in the clubhouse after. The same applies to any guests who accompany you.

Click here to see the dress codes for the golf course and clubhouse at Willingdon Golf Club

Am I allowed into the clubhouse?

Yes, yes, yes!! Everyone is welcome into the clubhouse at Willingdon Golf Club. Grab a cappuccino, panini and use the free WiFi on offer and enjoy the stunning views of the course from our bar area. Family members are welcome and that does include children.

How much is golf membership?

Golf membership is the best way to get value for money from your golf. Golf membership at very reasonable prices is available to includes rounds of golf and lessons with Dan our Club Professional. Higher levels of membership are available and this may be worth considering as you begin to participate more regularly.

Click here to view our 2016 membership prices